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Coming to Explore in Eastern Canada

Any company who wishes to work offshore Eastern Canada are required to meet certain regulatory requirements before the regulatory authorities in the region will approve offshore petroleum related activities. The Canada-Newfoundland & Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) and the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) are the regulators for offshore Eastern Canada. 

Any Operator in the region will be required to obtain an applicable Operations Authorization prior to work commencement. The Regulatory Boards (CNLOPB/CNSOPB) require that documentation be submitted for their review and approval in support of an Operations Authorization application. Those documents may include a Project Description; Execution Plan; Cost Recovery Plan; Environmental Assessment; Benefits Plan; and a Safety Plan.

Windrose Consulting is able to assist you with navigating these processes, determining applicability to your program and marine installation/vessel, creation and monitoring of remedial work plans, action trackers, and gap analysis documents, and help to ensure timely submission of this information to keep your project on track.

Windrose is also able to assist you with:

  • Bid preparation - providing you with an overview of the regulatory processes and local costs associated with working in Eastern Canada to ensure your bid is accurate;
  • Local content procurement processes – development of a procurement plan to ensure compliance with all benefits plan regulations;
  • Audits and inspections – connecting you with local specialists who can help with everything from potable water testing, to vessel hospital compliancy inspections, to any required flag state approvals;
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) Training - I am a certified WHMIS Trainer and can assist in your compliance with this requirement.
  • Port call planning – assist in organizing a port call that is efficient, cost effective, and gets your vessel pushed away from the dock and out to work as quickly as possible. 


A Little Bit About Me

Setting off on a new adventure…


After more than 20 years of working with one of the largest oilfield services companies in the world, I have set my sails for a new adventure.

I am pleased and excited to announce the official launch of Windrose Consulting

Windrose Consulting offers oil and gas regulatory consulting, project planning, and project management services to those needing guidance and assistance with navigating the processes of working in the highly regulated and complex offshore area. 

Windrose Consulting is a compilation of more than two decades of experience and knowledge I’ve gained in the offshore oil and gas project planning and regulatory compliance fields. I have been fortunate enough to have been directly involved in planning over 40 large scale exploration projects with close to 50 different vessels and marine installations. These projects have taken me from Eastern Canada, to the Arctic Circle, to Southeast Asia and beyond. 

Offshore Canada is one of the most highly regulated areas in the world for oil and gas exploration. Receiving regulatory authorization to work there is very complex. From environmental assessments, to development plans, safety planning approvals, industrial benefits, and audits and inspections by regulators and government, it can all be very confusing as well as time and resource consuming. And we know that when it comes to project planning, time is money. 

But to date I’ve posted more than three dozen Operational Authorizations on the bridges of vessels, permitting them to go to work for some of the world’s largest super major oil companies. 

So, whether it’s simply understanding the regulatory regime of a location during the bidding process, developing a comprehensive project plan, help with securing authorizations, permits and approvals, information on the importation of assets, or deciphering local regulatory requirements and governmental policies; Windrose can help. Allow me to apply these project skills to your program whether it’s offshore Canada or anywhere else in the world.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time at:, reach out via the contact form below, or keep browsing the website for additional information. 

I look forward to working with you.


About Windrose

Who is Windrose?

My name is Lesa Tanner and after more than 20 years working with one of the largest oilfield services companies in the world, I've decided to alter direction. 

Windrose Consulting is a compilation of the skills and experience that I've gained working on over 40 different large scale offshore oil and gas projects, with more than 45 different vessels and marine installations.

Let's discuss how I can support your team in planning your project and navigating the regulatory waters offshore Canada and around the world. 

My Approach

Compliance with local regulations is paramount no matter where you work. 

My main goal is to provide your team with a comprehensive project plan that will identify your regulatory requirements and provide you with the support and assistance you'll need to help make your project a success. 

Why Windrose Consulting?

As with any project, time is money and planning is key. I want to give your project the time and guidance it deserves.  Whether you’re seeking someone to help you plan and manage your project from inception to execution, or just some guidance on how to identify and manage regulatory requirements, contact me today. 

Global Project Planning


International Planning

Windrose Consulting is also able to offer project planning services worldwide. 

We offer operational planning for projects worldwide by ensuring that all governmental policies, approvals/authorization, local regulations, legalities, and other processes are fully understood. We can also assist with establishing local resources, securing permits, asset importation, and ensure that all immigration procedures are monitored and followed. 

With prior project planning and execution experience in Malaysia, as well as comprehensive pre-project planning in areas such as Papua New Guinea, West Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South America, Windrose Consulting can add value to your project wherever in the world you operate. 

Contact Us

Come say hello!

Contact us anytime to discuss how Windrose Consulting can help you and your project.  By telephone at +1-902-497-4193, via email at or come find me on LinkedIn where you can get additional information on my skills and experience. 

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